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Article: 5 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life

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5 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life

Life always has a funny way of throwing curve balls when you least suspect it. In some cases, emergency situations can quickly turn into survival situations. Maybe you were caught in a snowstorm on the way out of town to a family gathering? Or, you might’ve wandered a little too far from camp? Run out of gas in the middle of in rural American? Survival emergencies happen more frequently than most people think. According The Big Wild, 36% of the United States has still been left untouched by human interaction.

Chances are you aren’t MacGyver, or a world class survival expert, and the dangers of the wilderness pose a huge threat to your safety. While we recommend to people that proper survival preparedness would involve a bug-out kit of some kind, how many of us actually have one?
Fear not! The things that will keep you alive are the things you probably carry around with you every day. We’ve got the run down on re-purposed everyday items that will help you during a survival scenario:

Dental Floss

If you’re like most people, then you won’t worry about conserving your dental floss because chances are you don’t use it (Just Kidding). Fortunately, for those caught in situations that have dental floss, you are one of the luckier individuals. Dental floss is remarkably sturdy and can be used to snare small animals and as a fishing line. Dental floss can also be used as a binding rope for shelter.


Earrings are definitely more than just an accessory in the wild. Combined with the dental floss as previously mentioned, the re-purposed accessory makes for a great fishing hook. Earrings will also act as clips to connect and hold shelter together.


In this rare case, being born with poor eyesight is a benefit. The utility of a pair of glasses is extremely important. In survival situations, two main factors should be the first on your mind: getting rescued and building a fire. Lucky for you, glasses are remarkably easy to start fires with. They can also be used to reflect the sun’s rays to signal for help. You would be amazed how difficult it can be to spot a human being through dense tree lines.


As we had mentioned in a previous article, an everyday watch can be used as a compass. By using the sun as a reference point, you will be able to determine approximately which direction are North and South. In addition, removing the inside mechanisms from your watch can be used as a storage space for smaller items.

Soda Can

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of human deaths in survival situations. While most humans can survive quite some time without nutrition from food, lack of water can quickly weaken and fatigue your body before you have the opportunity to be saved. Use Soda Cans to collect and store rain water. In addition, other parts of the can can be fashioned into numerous potential tools. Soda tabs have been used by survivalist as crude fishhooks. Need a fire? The bottom of the can makes for a nice reflective surface to heat up tinder.

Care to share your own ideas for re-purposed survival items? Let us know in the comments below!

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