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Article: Top Five Essential Everyday Carry (EDC)

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Top Five Essential Everyday Carry (EDC)

The modern Everyday Carry (EDC) is constantly evolving, but the bare bones have remained constant. The EDC is unique and specialized to suit the needs of specific individuals. Whether you are an experienced veteran, or simply wanting to organize your life, developing your own organized EDC system can help ease the stress and spontaneity of day to day life. We've done our research and compiled a list of five essential EDCs that the average user carries:

5) Handkerchief – Recently rising back in popularity, the Handkerchief is number five on our list for its utility. Other than a focus for mucus and the sludge that escapes the confines of your nose, the handkerchief can be used “polish” unclean surfaces. Did we mention that it was also environmentally sustainable in comparison to the single use tissue paper? Yes, you are helping reduce your environmental impact with one simple tool – the “snot rag”. So pat yourself on the back as you mop that sweaty brow, dry those incredibly oily hands, and clean your fingerprint infested glasses. Who knows, a handkerchief also works as an incredibly reliable mask if you’re ever in the stagecoach robbery business.

4) Watch – The watch is one of the most underrated pieces of EDC. According to the New York-based app Locket, the average user checks their phone around nine times an hour during peak times. In most cases, users will also unlock their phone 110 times a day. 18 of which are used to check the time and date. And we wonder why we’re desperately charging our mobile devices consistently throughout the day? Simple, sleek, and practical, a watch will help conserve both your phones battery and the amount of work for the same intention.

3) Knife – Have you ever found yourself in situations where you desperately needed to cut or open products, but were not close to a sword shop or an office depot? Have you been so desperate enough to use your own keys? You will be surprised how frequently a knife is used throughout the mundane repetition of the work day. If cutting twine and string, opening envelopes, or packaging tape isn’t enough utility for you, there is always the option of using it as a form of self-defense. As the saying goes, “It is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”

2) Flashlight – We live in an age where your mobile phone’s utility can replace the simplest of tools. In times of emergency, that extra 5% battery could be the difference of life or death situations. Unless you live in perfect weather conditions, or California (joking), bad weather can lead to power outages. The flashlight will surpass the longevity of a mobile phone in all cases. In situations where lightning is needed, a flashlight is more practical to hold and adjust than a mobile phone. Lastly, did we mention that a flashlight is typically a hard object? Should the need arise; you have a solid block of metal to use for defensive purposes. Legality wise we do not recommend it, but let’s just go with the quote with used for the knife.

1) Mobile Phone/Device – Lastly, but not least, is the mobile phone. According to CNN, 90% of adults own and carry a mobile device. In an age of technology, a mobile phone has become the bedrock of our everyday. The utility and practicality of owning a cell phone are staggering. Admit it, you’re probably reading this on your mobile device right now! Needless to say, the utility of a phone speaks for itself. Besides the downside of constantly having to charge your phone throughout the entire period you are awake, we can unanimously say that your mobile phone is the most important everyday carry on average.

Do you have a unique item that is not on the list? Let us know an essential item that you carry everyday.

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