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Article: Wild Plants That Might Save Your Life

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Wild Plants That Might Save Your Life

...Or Simply Improve It.

"Nature always provides"

Human beings have thrived for thousands of years without the convenience of “over-the-counter” medications and 24-hour pharmacies. A viable alternative to common illness and ailments, having a knowledge of herbal remedies could be the difference in a life threatening situation. Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs that use active chemical ingredients, most natural herbs generally do not have negative side effects.

In the moment of an emergency situation, will you be ready to save the day? Check out some of these wonderful natural medicinal paints that nature provides right at your fingertips:


Wild Mullein

Mullein, also known as the "Velvet Plant", is a native plant that favors the dry rocky climates of the United States. Easily spotted in the wild for their taller stalks and chocolate brown skeleton’s, the leaves of the Mullein are commonly used as a natural decongestant. The leaves are grounded up and boiled with water. The steam emitted from the plant is breathed in in order to reduce inflammation of the sinus.

Additional Benefits:

  • Treats Asthma and Respiratory Disorders
  • Soothes Chest Congestion 
  • Remedy for sore throat and cough 


Wild Barberry

The effectiveness of these berries are in part due to the powerful compound it stores, barberine. Acting as an immune system booster, the Barberry is natural “over-the-counter” cold medicine. Don’t be alarmed by its taste, eating a handful can shorten the period of sickness and can even prevent early symptoms from growing all together.

Additional Benefits:

  • Protects and strengthens heart 
  • Reduces the chances of heart failure 


Wild Yarrow

Native to Europe, these plants a rich history of disinfecting and treating minor cuts and wounds. It also carries immune system boosting benefits if grounded and made into an herbal tea. Additionally, its anti-viral properties help improve immune system functions. 

Additional Benefits:
  • Natural treatment for hemorrhoid, headaches, and cold. 
  • Improves digestive functions 
  • Encourages clotting for wounds and nose bleeds. 

Magnolia Flower

Wild Magnolia

An effective herb for treating allergies and sinus infections, this herb has been used by Native Americans and even modern day pharmaceutical medications to temporarily relieve the symptoms caused by allergies.

Additional Benefits: 
  • Supports the body’s production of adrenal steroids 
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties 
  • Reduces stress and improves weight loss 


Wild Rosemary

Not just a common household product, Rosemary is a fragrant herb of the mint family. Most notable for their needle-like leaves, these wonderful plants are native to the Mediterranean regions and grow wildly around the southern parts of the United States.

Additional Benefits: 
  • Relieves muscle pains and spasms 
  • Support circulatory and nervous systems 
  • Improve Immune System 
  • Aid in liver functions

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