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About Us

Zerohour's first project, the ZeroHour XD Campaign,  received successful funding through Kickstarter on December 23rd, 2013. Since then, the company has accomplished over 10 successful projects and has raised more than 1 million dollars through crowdfunding.

At ZeroHour, we consider ourselves contemporary adventurers who explore the world on our own terms. Our aim is to redefine products to meet the needs of today's consumers, while also illuminating new possibilities. Our ultimate goal is to create outdoor gear, consumer electronics, and public safety products that empower users. We understand the frustration of being stuck with devices that are unable to adapt to our unique circumstances or restrict our choices in the name of aesthetics. Therefore, we utilize the latest technology to produce high-quality products that can guide users through any situation without sacrificing style or function. At ZeroHour, we believe that everyone deserves a product that recognizes their strength, and our products help keep you safe and connected throughout your journey.