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Article: Factory Visit and Pre-Order Delivery Dates

Factory Visit and Pre-Order Delivery Dates

We're getting closer to the big day! Production has been going great, and we're only weeks away from launching our ZeroHour! Visiting the manufacturer was a great opportunity for us to confirm progress as well as begin future ZeroHour innovations. 


Our trip to China started on a rough note - first we endured a 15-hour flight with some unpleasant odors onboard. Then when we arrived at the airport, we accidentally went through Customs and could not get back to our transfer ferry. We had to take a taxi all the way to our final destination, which was over an hour away! So the first lesson of our trip: once you've overcome the language barriers involved with international travel, the rest is a piece of cake!

After we made it through, we connected with our primary manufacturer and received a tour of the factory where ZeroHour is being produced.

During production not every piece makes it through quality control! Defects that do not make it to the next stage will be melted down and recycled:

As amazing as it was to check out the factory, we were also happy to finally connect with the people who have put so much time and effort into helping us realize our vision for ZeroHour. This includes all the manufacturing executives and representatives. We really appreciate all the hardworking partners it takes to accomplish this goal!


We were also able to finalize our packaging, which leads directly into the final weeks of assembly and transport taking place this month. While we worked to design a great-looking package, there are practical considerations of ensuring each ZeroHour, batteries, and accessories are transported safely and securely. The manufacturer also has to create molds for the packaging pieces: think of the way that your phone, tablet, or other electronics are secured in molded plastic within each package.

The good news is, with all of the ZeroHour components produced and packaging scheduled for production this month, we are ready to announce delivery dates for our pre-orders!

We expect ZeroHour to arrive in California the week of May 5th, with shipments going out on our pre-orders during the week of May 12th. Of course, there are always variables involved with shipping, but we are confident enough to announce these dates because we don't want those of you who pre-ordered to be waiting and wondering what's going on. We will reconfirm delivery timing in our next update.


After we finished our meetings, we didn't have much time to sightsee, but we managed to stuff ourselves with as much Chinese food as we could, and we were determined to see the magnificent Hong Kong skyline at night. Those are some bright lights, but we think ZeroHour stands tall with them!
We are currently editing a video of our trip, which we will share with you soon on YouTube. We'll also be posting several photos not featured here on Facebook and Twitter - if you haven't liked us yet, join our online community today! We will be ramping up activities as we get closer to our big launch, and we are excited for you to receive your ZeroHour and share photos and comments about your experience with it!

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