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Article: Adjusted Ship Date, ZeroHour in DC

Adjusted Ship Date, ZeroHour in DC

We know all of you who have pre-ordered are ready to receive your ZeroHour, which is great! We had hoped to begin deliveries this week, but we were faced with a few delays and apologize that we are not there yet. We are now scheduled to ship during the final week of May.

In short, the packaging took longer than expected to produce. After we approved our final designs, the two factories involved had to create samples of the inner tray and outer box, exchange with one another, adjust, and so on. In our excitement to deliver, we're sorry that we didn't build in a better buffer to account for this.

On the other hand, we are truly very close now! The ZeroHour flashlight and accessories are all being packaged and will ship to us over the next several days. Thank you for your understanding, and we thank everyone who sent us excited emails and questions. It's been a lot of work, but we're fired up that the day is near! 


As we prepare for ZeroHour's official launch, we have been attending several showcase events, including CES on the Hill on April 30th. Alongside Google, LG, and Qualcomm, we had the opportunity to showcase ZeroHour to members of Congress in Washington DC:

We flew in via red-eye the day of the event and flew out the next afternoon. With our limited time, we decided the best way to catch the monuments was to strap on our gym gear and run/walk a 7.33 mile loop around Washington Mall!

We stopped everywhere - the White House, the memorials, and of course, we brought ZeroHour with us too!

We will continue to post the latest updates on Facebook and Twitter as ZeroHour heads from the factory to us, and most importantly, to you!

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