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Wholesale & Dealers Program

We are excited to have you join our Wholesale Program and/or become an ZEROHOUR reseller. If you are considered a small business and would like to carry the ZEROHOUR brand in your store or website we can help you get started.

1. First step is to Register an Account on our website.

2. After you register an account, email us the following:

a) Scan a copy of your Sellers Permit and/or Business License
b) Provide us your Federal Tax ID number (e.g. EIN number)
c) Your Name
d) Contact phone number

Send the above information to with Subject Field: "Wholesale documents for [Your Company Name]". If you do not have these documents call us if you need further assistance 714-477-3050 M-F 10AM-5PM PST.

3. We will then verify your documents, activate your account, and send you an invitation email to confirm wholesale access.


Requirements: You must provide proof of retail business, such as a resell permit, business license and tax ID (for US businesses). Please scan and email it to us at We will then activate your registered account for wholesale pricing and send you a welcome email.

Pictures and Descriptions: ZeroHour Wholesale Customers may use the images and descriptions located on or our ZEROHOUR facebook page to help sell products. It is illegal to use other sites retail images and descriptions so please use only the information on our site, designated to our wholesale customers.

Payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal (Note: All of our wholesale prices that you see on our website already include all applicable transactions fees, shipping fees, etc.) If you do not wish to purchase directly from our website using a Credit Card or PayPal, we have a BANK WIRE TRANSFER method which will get you an additional 3% off your entire wholesale order. Please email us your wholesale order needs and we will manually create you a wholesale purchase order with the discount.

Return Policy: We will accept unused product with prior return authorization approval number. Please do not attempt to return without contacting ZeroHour first. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. If you receive a defective product, the restocking fee is waived and we will gladly replace the item. Merchandise is eligible for return under these policies within 30 days of purchase.

Drop Shipped Returns: Drop Shipped items may only be returned if the product is defective upon arrival. We will not accept returns for drop ship items that are not defective. Return requests must be made within 30 days of purchase.

Shipping Times: Due to the increasing demand for ZEROHOUR products, we ask that all wholesale customers forecast at least 2 weeks in advanced before placing orders. Although shipping times vary, it is best to assume a 14 day turn-around time although majority of our wholesale orders arrive in a few days (consider upgrading the free standard shipping to Priority Mail shipping for even faster service).

How to place an Order: 
1. Login to website.
2. You will see MSRP prices and wholesale pricing.
3. You will be charged wholesale prices. Place your order like a normal customer using any major credit card or paypal. Pay by wire transfer and get 3% off entire order. Email for more information.

Phone support: 714-477-3050 M-F 10AM-5PM PST

Bulk Discounts & Group Buys

e.g. Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Education, Flashaholics

If you are looking for discounts for larger quantities, we can help! We pride ourselves in delivering fast, smart, end-to-end customer service. We can tailor a package for any size purchase whether large or small. By contacting us via phone, email, or live chat we can work with you and get the best pricing possible for your quantity requirements.

Monday - Friday 10AM - 5PM PST
Phone: 714-477-3050

Common Questions

Q. Do we have a catalog?
A. Our catalog is our website. All items and pricing can be obtained once you register and are approved.

Q. What should I retail these items at?
A. Retail is at least 100% or more but we recommend following our website prices. Also consider the fact that we charge shipping on retail orders (e.g. at least $2.95 for small items and $5.95 for chargers).

Q. How do you accept payment?
A. We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal. Bank Wire Transfer also accepted and will get you 3% discount on entire order.

Q. Can I use your images?

A. Yes, you can use the images featured on and our ZEROHOUR facebook page as long as you purchase the items from us.

Domestic U.S. Shipping Information

We ship domestic U.S. packages via FedEx, UPS or USPS. Please complete registration for more information about our ship methods and rates.

*Oversized orders may require additional charges that may not calculate correctly at checkout. In the event of this we will contact you before fulfilling your order.

International Shipping Information

We are proud to offer UPS or USPS for international for drop ship and wholesale orders.

*Oversized orders may require additional charges that may not calculate correctly at checkout. In the event of this we will contact you before fulfilling your order.