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On December 23rd, 2013 we were successfully funded on Kickstarter. Visit our campaign page here.


We are modern day adventurers at ZeroHour. We do not stick with the pack, accept what we're shown. We explore the world on our own terms, redefine products for today’s needs, and shine a light on new possibilities.

Our mission is to create outdoor gear, consumer electronics, and public safety products that put the user in control. Too often we’re locked into devices that don’t live up to our circumstances, that don’t adapt to our situations, that sauter and seal our choices away in their quest to look cool. ZeroHour creates the highest quality products with modern technology to power users through any situation, and we do it without compromising form or function. ZeroHour products keep you connected and secure, because we believe wherever you are on your journey, at the zero hour, you deserve a product that respects the power in you.