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Flashlight How-Tos

How do I change the top bezel?

To change the top bezel, simply take a small cloth (or wear soft protective gloves, microfiber cloth, etc.) and cover the top with the microfiber cloth and with you palm press down firmly while turning just the top bezel counter-clockwise. The bezel will begin to loosen up. Keep the flashlight upright so the lens and the o-ring does not fall out when you remove the bezel. Take note that the o-ring goes under the lens and does not touch the bezel at all. Now take your replacement bezel of choice and thread it back on and with the same amount of pressure and with the cloth again, twist clockwise until very tight. Be careful not to over tighten.

How do I change the button bezel?

There are two ways to change out the button switch bezel. The button bezel will require a bit more pressure to remove. You will want to use a small metal screw driver or flat head to hook the button bezel (use one of the 6 small round indentations on the button bezel) and slowly put pressure on it counter-clockwise. Once it is loose, you can use your fingers to twist the rest of the way. Now attach your new button bezel and tighten it clockwise with your fingers until it is tight. Now use your small tool to put a bit of pressure while turning to make sure it is tight. Just be very slow and steady as not to slip or you can scratch the button bezel or flashlight. The second and safest way to do this is to use the Button Bezel Tool which is available now:

How do I lubricate the o-rings?

Depending on your usage, the first step is to remove the flashlight head, remove the batteries and internal components from the body tube. Take a lint-free towel or lint-free paper napkin and wipe off any dust/dirt from the o-rings at either side of the body tube (they are red) and when they are clean and dry, apply flashlight lubrication to your finger and move it along the o-rings and the threads. Wipe any excess lubrication that might be on the body tube and re-install your internals and the reattach the flashlight head. Now wipe again to remove any excess lubrication that might have squeezed out from the threads. You do not need too much lubrication but the o-rings should be completely lubricated all around. Do this frequently after using to help keep your flashlight lasting long and to improve its water and dust repellent features strong.

I just received my flashlight but it isn't working. What should I do?

The ZeroHour XS/XD models come pre-loaded with batteries but inside the body tube is a safety tab that must be removed first before using. Twist off the flashlight head and carefully slide out the battery holder. Remove each battery and look for the battery safety tab. Remove this tab and re-install the batteries and test the flashlight. If this still does not work, please watch the following video: How-To: Contact Plate Maintenance and Cleaning Tutorial


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