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How was the ZeroHour XD developed?
To learn all about our product development and funding, please visit our KickStarter campaign page:

What makes a flashlight "tactical-grade"?
Tactical flashlights typically feature premium construction and components, and have far higher battery power and LED illumination capabilities. In other words, a tactical flashlight is nothing like the plastic one sold at the supermarket that takes regular batteries and emits a low-lumen light beam. ZeroHour is designed with features that compete with the best tactical flashlights on the market, including aircraft aluminum construction, waterproof up to one meter, gold-plated internals, a CREE LED with 1,000 maximum lumen output, four levels of illumination and two safety modes, and rechargeable lithium ion batteries capable of providing over 10,000mAh of power.

What is 6061 aircraft aluminum / Type III hard-anodizing?
6061 aircraft aluminum is a strong aluminum alloy that is used for everything from truck bodies to machine parts to, yes, aircraft. It's tough, corrosion-resistant, and can be anodized, which leads us to... Type III hard-anodizing generates a coating to protect devices from corrosion, abrasion, and other atmospheric wear. Type III is thicker than Type I & II coatings and produces a finish that is both smoother and harder, which means increased resistance and durability. ZeroHour features both 6061 aircraft aluminum body construction and a Type III hard-anodized finish.

What is IPX8 certified waterproof?
Ingress Protection (IP) ratings were developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission to provide clear guidelines for how much dust and water a device can take on before it is harmed. The water protection range falls between 0-8: 0 = no protection, 4 = protected from splashing water, and 8 = protected against complete, continuous submersion under water. After 8, manufacturers add a depth rating to indicate how deep a waterproof device can be submerged. ZeroHour is IPX8 certified up to one meter, which means it achieves the highest level of protection (complete, continuous submersion) and can go up to one meter deep. You can carry ZeroHour through a storm, keep it by your side as you cross a stream, or play submarine with it in the bathtub.

How do the flashlight modes work? Do I have to cycle through all the modes each time?
Single clicks will take you through the four illumination modes, Low-1, Medium-2, High-3, Maximum-4, then back to Low-1. Strobe-5 and SOS-6 modes are accessible by double-clicking the power button from any of the four illumination modes. Turn on the flashlight to any mode, then double-click to get to Strobe-5, and double-click again to get to SOS-6. If you don't like Strobe or SOS, don't double click, and you'll never see them. ZeroHour is also programmed with mode-memory, meaning it will return to your last used mode when you power on again. Just power off by pressing the power button for 1.5 seconds; when you power on, you're back where you were. This allows you to stay on your favorite mode, and you're never forced to cycle through the other modes unless you want to. Our circuit board is not re-programmable, but we understand this option is popular with our flashlight experts, and have added it to our list of suggested modes/options for future upgrades.

Can I use the flashlight and charge my devices at the same time?
Yes! You can have the flashlight on while charging your USB devices. This is also a great feature for cyclists who would like to use ZeroHour as a bike light while charging.

Are the rechargeable batteries that come with ZeroHour replaceable?
Yes. The batteries that come with ZeroHour are replaceable. You do not have to purchase a new flashlight/battery backup when the batteries stop holding a charge. Our high quality batteries are rated for 1,000 cycles but we recommend replacing them every 500 cycles or whenever you feel they have become unreliable.

What’s the difference between protected and unprotected batteries?
Protected batteries have a small circuit board that protects the battery from overcharging, over-discharging and in some cases overheating. This circuit board raises the cost of the battery but ensures that your batteries are not ruined or worse (explosions can occur) in overcharge/discharge situations. The Sanyo and Panasonic batteries included with ZeroHour Standard and XD are protected. Unprotected batteries are cheaper because they do not have a protective circuit board. They should only be used in a device which has its own built-in safeguards. ZeroHour’s circuit board has built-in overcharge/discharge protection, meaning it also supports unprotected batteries. These protections will work whether you’re charging or using the flashlight or the battery back-up. So ZeroHour covers you either way, giving you more protection and versatility with your battery choices. When using your own batteries, please note the maximum dimensions are length: 68.5mm, diameter: 18.4mm

What does modular mean?
Many of today's portable devices are sealed shut or contain parts that are sautered in, essentially locking you into its singular form and out of any possible changes. Modular construction offers much greater flexibility. Twelve main components make up the entire ZeroHour, and each part is made to easily unscrew or slide apart. It's simple to clean, replace, or upgrade parts. When your batteries die, you don't have to replace the entire ZeroHour flashlight. You can also carry ZeroHour in several different forms to best suit your needs: Use the full ZeroHour flashlight with battery backup, or remove the flashlight head module and twist on an end cap to carry the battery backup module only. If you remove the battery backup housing as well, you're down to the hollowed out match case module. ZeroHour's modular design allows us to create customized accessories and future replacement head modules that would simply twist on or attach to turn your ZeroHour into something new, all while keeping the backup power you need for your USB devices.

If I purchase the Battery Backup Only, can I turn it into a flashlight later?
Yes! Because ZeroHour is modular, we are able to sell individual components separately. All you need to do is purchase the separate Flashlight Head module and twist it onto your Battery Backup, giving you a complete ZeroHour USB Battery Backup Flashlight. This also applies to the ZeroHour Match Case: simply add a USB Battery Backup Holder (the internal components) and Flashlight Head to convert it to a complete ZeroHour Flashlight. 

What accessories are you developing for ZeroHour?
We are actively developing:

  • a bike mount, a wall mount, and a personal holster to help you keep ZeroHour close and accessible.
  • front and rear silicone caps, which will protect from drops as well as prevent rolling due to their hexagonal shape. 
  • red, blue, and green filter lenses for those who are seeking more color options.
  • modules such as a camping lantern-style head, an extender cap to increase flashlight length and storage capacity, and flashlight heads with different illumination capabilities such as infrared.

As ZeroHour goes into production, we will begin building out our line of accessories so we can offer you more options for your ZeroHour. Keep sending us your suggestions!

Is there any more information about ZeroHour Innovations and the ZeroHour Flashlight?
Yes! Our ZeroHour Innovations company page is still available.  We built the page during our Kickstarter campaign. Please visit and be sure to check out our Press & Media section.

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