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About ZeroHour Flashlight


Light, Defend, and Power Your Way

ZeroHour offers unparalleled safety features that are simply not available in one package elsewhere. Light your way through any emergency with a 1,000 lumen CREE LED bulb. Be ready to defend yourself with its durable aircraft aluminum body and stainless steel bezel. And find over 10,000mAh of power for your mobile devices when you need it the most.


Premium USB device support

Conventional battery backups sacrifice charging capacity and features in favor of small and minimalistic design. Most also use proprietary or non-replaceable batteries, which means they stop holding their charge over time through normal wear and tear. ZeroHour was designed with strength and flexibility to meet all your power needs, and we did it with no trade-offs.


Charge devices and illuminate simultaneously

ZeroHour features a 1.5 amp port for standard devices (mobile phones) and 2.1 amp port for rapid speed charging and larger devices (tablets). A fully charged ZEROHOUR flashlight can charge most electronic devices with USB charge ports, including mobile smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras and camcorders, portable speakers and many Bluetooth-enabled devices.


More than a flashlight, more than a battery backup

ZeroHour takes the tactical flashlight to the next level with its unprecedented modular design. Carry the full flashlight with battery backup, transform it into a more compact backup, or hollow out the insides to use as a waterproof container.

Twelve main components make up the entire ZeroHour, and each part is made to easily unscrew or slide apart. This makes it simple to clean, replace, or upgrade parts.


Customize your ZeroHour

It's hard to beat the polished style of a ZeroHour, but for those who like to have a personal touch, our vision is to create bezels and other parts in different colors. Mix and match different parts for a custom look.