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Article: ZeroHour Now Available, New Accessories

ZeroHour Now Available, New Accessories

How is everyone enjoying their new ZeroHour? Many of you have given us great, constructive comments, and we are keeping track of all your requests. Anything you’d like to see in future ZeroHours, let us know! We’re developing all the time and would love to hear what you’re most interested in seeing from us. 

Along those lines, check out the following new products:


Introducing the World’s Longest Flashlight!

Okay, it's a little extreme, but you get the idea. An extender cap does just that - it extends your ZeroHour. When you purchase an extender cap + body tube, you can increase the length of your ZeroHour, and you get waterproof storage for your cords, accessories, or any small goods you’d like to keep dry. Find it here.


The power button bezels come tightly screwed into your ZeroHour. While our backers have shared great removal techniques, we have a tool that will make switching out your bezels quick and easy.  Find it here.


We are creating the ultimate case for the ultimate flashlight! 

Our hard carrying case will feature high-grade PP/ABS material, impact resistance, anti-UV capability, water and dust proofing, and an IP67 Rating for high pressure and temperature. It can even withstand high pressure steam cleaning!

The case will have perforated foam inserts, so you can customize how your ZeroHour and accessories fit inside. It can also be used to protect many products, including guns, ammo, or camera equipment. Not yet available, but keep checking!


We’ve come a long way, but for us, this is just the beginning. We will continue to introduce new products to keep you safe and connected with your personal tech, and create awesome accessories to make your ZeroHour much more than a standard flashlight or a battery backup. We started ZeroHour to create a special product that you can't find anywhere else. We think we’ve done that, and we plan to keep innovating. 

We hope you will want to be a part of our community going forward. Keep coming back to, where we'll continue to share company news as well as fun and informative stories about outdoor, safety, flashlight, and battery back-up topics. Check-in on us, leave comments, keep in touch! For e-mail updates, subscribe to our newsletter here:

And if anyone is planning to attend the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market from August 6-9 in Salt Lake City, we’re going to be there! Find us in Booth PV3344.

Until next time, share your ZeroHour photos and experiences on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. We’ll be sharing our latest photos and news there, too, so join us!

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