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Article: CES Recap

CES Recap

We are coming off an amazing week with ZeroHour at 2014 CES! We're going to give you a full recap below, but first, our CES experience went by in a flash!
Our booth was stationed in the Eureka Park TechZone for start-ups alongside a variety of projects, including a solar-powered cooler, a smart baby monitor, smart antenna, keyboard autocorrect software, and a sensor that gives realtime feedback on your running stride. Everyone brought great ideas to CES, and being among all these creators was very inspiring!

Our only chance to explore the main halls of CES was on Monday during load-in. It was huge! Sony had a beautiful 360 LED screen, and many "booths" were as big as a house! It definitely got us dreaming about the day ZeroHour is able to offer a fully immersive experience at CES. That day will come!

We met with many potential distributors who want to bring ZeroHour into retail and online stores throughout the world. They were very impressed to hear about our successful Kickstarter campaign!

Attending media were also very interested in ZeroHour, and we were honored to receive Best of CES coverage in Yahoo Tech and on CNET! We were interviewed by several publications and have been sharing their stories on Facebook and Twitter.

We have to say the best part of CES was being able to finally show ZeroHour to our Kickstarter backers! We are very happy to have met some of the people who supported us during our campaign, so we could thank and show them our ZeroHour personally. 

Check out the photos of our CES adventure in our album on Facebook, and if you haven't liked us yet, join our Facebook community today! Follow us on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube too.

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