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Article: Production Continues

Production Continues

We hope everyone's keeping dry this weekend, as it sounds like the weather is rainy or snowy from coast to coast! We have several updates, but overall, everything is moving along well!
We have put a lot of work into upgrading our ZeroHour website! Our ZeroHour store is now fully integrated with the informational sections we developed for our Kickstarter campaign. It's easier to navigate, performs faster, and in our humble opinion, it's looking sharper than ever! It will include live chat support, product registration, and expanded FAQs soon. We just want you to know that we'll be fully ready to help with any questions once we begin delivering ZeroHour, and we hope you like our new look. Check out the site, let us know what you think, and point your friends to it!
Here are our latest color bezel samples! We really want them to pop, and after several attempts, we think the colors are perfect! In the top left corner of the same photo are our SMO reflector and new orange peel reflector, which we discussed in the previous update, and below that we have an improved carabiner cap: we expanded the carabiner hole diameter so the cap can accommodate both small and medium sized carabiners. This is actually the first shot we received from our manufacturer, and we'll take photos to better show off these accessories once they're shipped to us next week.
We have also added flashlight maintenance lubrication to our shop. We want you to keep your flashlight threads and o-rings well-greased, so we recommend adding lubrication to your order!
As you know, ZeroHour is modular, so the components will be manufactured over the next several weeks, and then put together in one shiny ZeroHour package. Our Panasonic and Sanyo batteries have now been manufactured and labeled - see photo of our labels below! We will be receiving a final ZeroHour production sample that includes all the changes we described in our previous update, and will share that with you soon. We are also working on obtaining photos of the manufacturing process to post in a future update.

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Catalina Photoshoot

We recently took the ZeroHour to Catalina Island to shoot some photos. Here are some that we liked best...Let us know what you think!

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Testing and Tooling

We have some quick updates on ZeroHour's progress to share, but first, we are going to visit the manufacturer this week! We will be heading to China to check on ZeroHour's progress and visit the fa...

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